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Anti-slip tape
  • Product Name :Anti-slip tape
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 Item No.KNY-ATST-001

 Anti-slip tape for floor use

 Used to grip carpet or floor
 Very good anti-slip effect
 Durable and widely used
 Highly visible in darkness
 Good bonding


 1.Meet OSHA standards and helps prevent slip-related injuries.

 2.Durable grit surface provides long-lasting protection even when exposed to heavy traffic,water or grease.

 3.Use indoors or outdoors.

 4.Self-adhesive banking sticks to painted wood,metal,and sealed concrete.

 5.Easy to tear by hand.

 Sensitive adhesive tape and strong adhesion, fast bonding, can be extremely difficult to attach a number attached to the surface. 

 For most of the chemical composition has good corrosion resistance, but also has a strong waterproof, heat and UV resistance properties. 

 Name: non-slip tape (Anti-slip tape) 

 Total thickness (μm): 700 

 Adhesion (Ν/25mm): 6.75 

 Tensile strength (Ν/25mm): 96 

 Elongation at break (%): 20

 Usage :

 1.It garantees to quarter-deck safely on slippery floor
 2.Mainly used for the stairs or ramp of stations, buildings, factories, warehouses, workshops   and the ground of hotels, restaurants, roads or kitchen, the escalator of automobiles, construction, machinery, civil engineering factory etc, skateboards, surfboards, ships deck, and other requirements of anti-skid occasions

 3.Length: 10m -50mm or as customized

 4.Width : 18mm,24mm,45mm,48mm,50mm,60mm

 5.Packing :opp bag with hung card

 6.Can print  logo on outer packing 


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