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General purpose kraft paper tape
  • Product Name :General purpose kraft paper tape
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Item No. KNY-KPT01

General purpose sealing kraft paper tape

Kraft paper tape(kraft carton sealing tape/frame kraft tape/reinforce kraft paper tape/water activate kraft tape)
  This product is based on the kaft paper materisl, with the high strong kcaft and coated by hot melt.it is non-toxic,odorless and easy to tear,environmental.can be well used in the package,and the photo frame sealing and bonding.

Application of General purpose sealing kraft paper tape KNY-KPT01
- Core and paper splicing.
- Packaging tape in moving industry.
- Moving tape.
- Carpet underlay seaming tape.
- Picture framing tape.

Benefits of General purpose sealing kraft paper tape KNY-KPT01
- Water resistant.
- High tensile strength Kraft paper.
- Low temperature performance.
- Excellent shear and holding power.
- Can be applied without dispenser.
- This product has been tested by an independent laboratory and found to be acid free (PH neutral).

Parameters of General purpose sealing kraft paper tape KNY-KPT01


Extensible Flatback, treated kraft paper


Natural rubber

Total Thickness

0.17 mm • 6.7 mil


56 N/100 mm • 50 oz/in

Tensile Strength

945 N/100 mm • 54 lb/in

Application Temperature

13 °C • 55 °F

Temperature Resistance

Up to 90 °C • 194 °F - 60 minutes



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