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If you have an unusual, critical or unique application, KNY Tape production specialists can analyze your application and develop a product to meet your specific needs. KNY Tape's production facility features a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment especially designed, engineered and modified to perform virtually all operations required in the converting process.

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1.  Slitting services

KNY TAPE operates multiple tape slitting machines to slit rolls to the desired widths. The various materials can be slit with three techniques: baloney slit, razor cut or crush cut. Baloney tape slitting involves a blade that once it makes the cut, the machine passes over the master log to make another cut. Razor cut tape slitting uses only one blade to make a precise cut, while multiple knives are used for the crush cut tape slitting technique. The latter is preferred for materials with varying thicknesses, while the former is better for thinner materials with even thickness, such as films.

2. Rewinding services

We are capable of slitting jumbo logs of tape ; and at the same time, we are able to create logs of standard length adhesive products from jumbo logs. These standard length logs are custom slit at a later date to meet the specified needs of the customer. Also, we have the ability to rewind / slit numerous rolls of narrow width material with dry adhesive on liner paper from wide web jumbo rolls of the same. Tension control features of the machines cause the individual rolls to have uniform cuts, despite the wide width of the jumbo rolls being cut. So, the rewind/slitting process essentially creates numerous smaller rolls from one larger roll of material.

3. Laminating services

Our laminating services are ideal for many substrates including foams, metal foils, polyesters, papers, transfer tapes, VHB and double coated tapes, among others. KNY Tapes laminating services can be used to prepare materials for a die-cut into a certain shape, such as a label. We have the capability to laminate materials of varying thicknesses, and consistency in ensured regardless of the material used. With the incorporation of heat into the laminating process, a reliable bond is created between the two materials.

4. Package services

Our package service have very leading position, We can following the clients ideal design. and the style very unique.

5. Printing services

We can provide materail of BOPP, PE, PVC, Paper, priting the colorfull picture and word. Also as per the clients desgin.

- Cloth duct tapes
- Masking tape
- PVC Tapes
- Aluminum foil tape
- Double side tape
- Barrier safety tape
- Filament tape
- Foam sealing tape
- Package tape
- Kraft paper tape
- Lint roller
- Protection film
- Others
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